Rema Tip Top Belting & Rubber Ghana Limited

Vibi Chandra, Managing Director of Rema Tip Top Belting & Rubber Ghana Ltd

Capital Place
Block- C
1st floor,
11 Patrice Lumumba Road
Airport Residential Area
Accra Ghana

Tel: +233 20 311 2012

Rema Tip Top Ghana is the newest subsidiary company of Rema Tip Top Afrique located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The creation of the subsidiary was aimed at catering REMA Products supported with quality services to the West African countries where mining is the main stay of most economies.

The West African Birimian Greenstone Belt is highly prospective and underexplored. World’s leading gold producers are active in the region & is the world’s 4th busiest region being explored for feasible deposits.

Ghana also has a well-equipped port which caters to the land-locked West African countries like Burkina Faso, Niger & Mali, hence a strategic distribution hub for Rema Tip Top Products is on the cards.

Rema Tip Top Ghana provides the full range of products and services.