The purpose of an Accredited Learnership is to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge required by a person for the field that they are working in at a particular standard determined by the South African Qualifications Authority. Learners enrolled in accredited qualifications will be equipped with a variety of technical, business managerial and personal skills to help them succeed in the business world. 

An accredited learnership is a work-based route to a qualification. It is a workplace education and training programme comprising of both structured practical workplace (on-the-job) experience and structured theoretical training. The duration of a learnership is approximately twelve months, and results in a full national qualification.

Competence is the ability to perform whole work roles, to the standards expected in employment, in a real working environment.

There are three levels of competence:

  • Foundational competence: an understanding of what you do and why.

  • Practical competence: the ability to perform a set of tasks in an authentic context.

  • Reflexive competence: the ability to adapt to changed circumstances appropriately and responsibly, and to explain the reason behind the action.



Merseta Accredited Learnerships

1.      FET National Certificate: Industrial Rubber Manufacturing (Unit Standard 23259) NQF L4
2.      FET National Certificate: Production Technology (Unit Standard 58779) NQF L4
3.      FET National Certificate: Production Technology (Unit Standard 58785) NQF L3
4.      FET National Certificate: Production Technology (Unit Standard 58781) NQF L2

Services Seta Accredited Learnerships

1.     FET National Certificate: Generic Management (Unit Standard: 57712 - 58344) NQF L4
2.     FET National Certificate: Generic Management (Unit Standard: 57712 - 74630) NQF L4
3.     FET National Certificate: Labor Relations Practice (Unit Standard: 74570)  NQF L6
4.     FET National Certificate: Business Administration Services (Unit Standard: 23833) NQF L2
5.     FET National Certificate: New Venture Creation (Unit Standard: 66249) NQF L4
6.     FET National Certificate: Marketing  (Unit Standard: 67464) NQF L4

Accredited Skills Programs

1.    Working in a Team (SP 0879/ 14-17)
2.    Team Dynamics
3.    Supervision and leadership in the workplace
4.   Training, Assessment & Learning
5.    Health and Safety Skills (SP 0948/15-17)
6.    Understanding Of Quality Indicators In Manufacturing (SP 0878/14-17)
7.    Production Quality Assurance (SP 0889/14-17)
8.    Manage Quality

9.    Understanding Business Process
10.  Production Operator (SP 0947/15-17)
11.  Production Coordinating Skills (SP0888/14-17)
12.  Project Budget Supervisory (SP 0886/14-17)
13.  Production Optimisation
14.  Maintain Conveyor Belt Systems & Splicing
15.  Stock Counting (SP 0905/14-17)
16.  Logistics Operation Skills (SP 0849/14-17)
17.  Logistics and Planning Phase 3 (SP 0880/1417)
18.  Logistics and Planning Phase 4 (SP 0887/14-17)

19.  Prepare Casings for Re-treading

20.  Remove and replace Off-The-Road (OTR) Wheels and Tyres

21.  Repair Off-The-Road (OTR) Tyres





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